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When wars and conflicts totally cease,
In our world, there shall be peace.
People must learn to get along,
Not blame others, for being wrong. They fight for control, fight for land,
Some just need a helping hand.
We must rid ourselves of vanity,
And embrace peace, through humanity. Wars make children so much tougher,
Lose their innocence, while they suffer.
We should fight for peace instead,
Love not war, we should spread. By




One of us may have the last say,
Words like a dagger,
We try to hurt each other
There’s no other way until one surrender,

We’ve been like this for days,
We’ve been like this for days eh
You wanna say your goodbye with a smile on your face,
I thought it was just usual,

You’d be gone just for a little while
I didn’t see it coming,
Won’t believe if someone told me that I’d be waiting for years,
Waiting for years eh eh


Even though we near,
Like I’m far away, far far far away
Can you hear me,
Can you hear me, let’s go back to the beginning

One of us must have the last say,
I’m writing you this letter hoping we can make things clearer
Over shouting, we forget to hear each other
And I miss you for days, in so many ways eh eh eh



We find someone to blame,
For the problems that we cause,
Yet everything stays the same,
My friend, please take a seat and pause.
If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow,
Will your heart be at peace or filled with sorrow?

Over time, I’ve learned to do this a few different ways,
My favorite way is fairly simple, Too much stress and worry I've set ablaze, Keep your mind in the middle. I believe it’s something you may find beneficial, Afterall most of our problems are superficial.
There is no defeat except from within,
Ask not for more riches but more wisdom,
A life that I am making to begin,
With which to make wiser use of the riches.
Don’t be without love so you won’t feel dead,
Free your mind and your heart from its shades of red.

                                            -Saefhenry Osas


My first issue with feminism is the name. You can’t ask for equality of the sexes and have bias for one of the sexes. What you would end up doing is creating reverse oppression because the women will grow so strong and oppress the men, and the cycle will continue. In finding my path, I first blamed women, because in my short time of existence, women raised me and most of the people around me. They chose that I cook and clean while my cousins played. They said “you are a woman, no man will take this from you”. They said “with this your attitude, you won’t find husband”, “your opinions are too strong for a lady, you need to listen more when your man is talking”, “ Don’t buy a big car or live alone o! You will chase men away” “why are you not married yet?” “You need to learn to cook o” women told me all these but never did I hear them tell the male kids around me the same thing. Instead I heard “you are supposed to be strong for your sisters”, “are you not a man? Why are you crying?” “Th…


This Story about Harry Houdini will make you question your own mind. By Prince EA
Shot by Change for Balance


God has a plan for you and He will overcome any fear that may be in your way. Just remember to stay true to being you because in your weakness, God's glory will shine through.

Michael Agnew

The Hunger Song

The source of my hunger,  I need to look into,  Is it boredom I wonder,  Or just the thoughts of you,  Find what you love and let it kill you. Food, I love you so kill me already, will you? 
I want to try every food,  From the North to the South,  Be it gulped, swallowed or chewed,  I hope I don't die with food in my mouth,  The new drop and old drop of drinks I crave  The hot drop and cold drop from cradle to grave.
People are working hard so they acquire luxury things,  I am working hard so I eat anything,  From drinks to junks to chicken wings,  I try my thirst board at everything,  Find what you love and let it kill you.  Food, I love you so kill me already, will you? 

                                                                               Saefhenry Osas

Nwin-Nwin: The Legend Begins

In Africa, the sun rises and sets without warning, and the winds blow through the old forests with the songs of legends, the marks of their passing staining the blood-red sands.

And some of those legends are true.


In the old Edo, the first true black civilization, the empire was home to many tribes and cultures. Bound together by the Obas who ruled after the era of the Ogisos, the sky kings, it stretched almost five thousand miles in either direction; from the steppes of the Dahomey to the swamps of the Niger Delta. Within were the Itshekiri, the Etsako, the proud Ijaws and Urhobos, the noble Esan, the big and powerful Binis and the Igbos both west and east of the Niger River. All paid homage to the Oba and in turn were blessed by him, for the Oba was more than just a man, the Oba was king, the Oba was god on Earth.

Oba ghato kpe e!

The Bini empire was called Edo and it was powerful, the envy of the neighboring kingdoms to the west and the north. Their trade guilds employed th…


They can have your loyalty may be,
Provided it saves you money,
You are almost stranded, baby,
Running out of lies just buy tokunbo already.

Oh, look! She’s gladly rocking her second hand,
Or okrika as we Africans do call it,
So creative she’s dressed like the queen of England,
Slay mama this slay mama that.

They all think she’s wearing a million dollar suit from Scotland,
Well, it actually requires less a pay,
Her blazer is even labeled River Island,
We both laugh out loud at the end of the day.

                                   saefhenry osas


Once I accept a client I protect him, There are no expenses it’s a free service, He cannot think feel or dream, He gets so lonely yet not nervous, The dead stay dumb and completely tarnished, My clients end up in a box mission accomplished.
I take thousands of clients in seconds, With a guarantee of secrecy and silence, I’ve offered a change of scene to millions, I’ve given hope to some sick ones, Still, no one hopes to see my face, Not even James Hadley chase.

Knock knock who is there I feared, Oh, it’s your loved ones offering flowers most rare, Sorry human he’s safer dead, Leave the flowers on the grave he knows you care, You don’t have what it takes to make this corpse walk, Even you have got a short time to live true talk.

Saefhenry osas


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